Friday, June 19, 2015

Chen Style 19 Form

The Chen 19 Form was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang (19th generation grandmaster of Chen Style) after he received numerous requests for a short form -- the Chen answer to the Yang 24 Form, which is the most popular short form in the world. The form is composed of 19 movements. It is suitable for beginners and offers a good foundation to help progress your Tai Chi practice. The form is a combination of postures from the three traditional Chen style Tai Chi routines:  Lao Jia (Old Frame), Xin Jia (New Frame), and the Xiao Jia (Small Frame).

First Section
1. Opening the form.
2. Buddha’s Warrior attendant steps forward from the temple.
3. Lazily tie coat.
4. Step up walk obliquely.
5. Step up three steps.
6. Hiding hand punch, left.
7. Double pushing hands.

Second Section
8. Whirling upper arms.
9. Flashing the back.
10. Hiding hand punch, right.
11. Six sealings, four closing.

Third Section
12. Wave hands like clouds.
13. High pat on horse.
14. Right heel kick.
15. Left heel kick.

Fourth Section
16. Part the wild horse's mane.
17. Jade maiden works shuttles.
18. Buddha's warrior attendant pounds mortar.
19. Close the form.

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