Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ten Basic Principles of Tai Chi

Yang Cheng Fu (1883-1936) was the grandson of Yang Lu Chan the founder of Yang style Tai Chi. He is credited with making Tai Chi popular in China and across the world. According to Yang Cheng Fu, the correct practice of Tai Chi follows ten basic principles:

1. Elevate the crown of the head, and focus your all your energy there.

2. Tighten your chest and expand your back to lighten your lower body.

3. Relax and loosen your waist and let it guide your body.

4. Learn the difference between substantial and insubstantial, knowing how your weight is distributed.

5. Relax the shoulders to allow free movement of the arms and promote the flow of energy.

6. Value the suppleness of the mind over the strength of the body.

7. Unify the upper and lower body so they act in concert.

8. Unify the internal and the external. To synchronize mind, body and breathe.

9. Do not stop the flow of your movement; maintain flow and harmony when you move.

10. Look for stillness in movement. An active body leads to a calm mind.