Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bruce Lee Warm Up Exercises

“The purpose of firmness is to keep one from getting too lax, while the purpose of gentleness is to keep one from getting too hard. Nothing can survive long by going to extremes.”
                                                                                                                               Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, other than been a great martial artist, also wrote books and essays about fighting, philosophy, Chinese culture, etc. In his book  The Tao of Gung Fu, Bruce Lee recommends several warm up exercises to strengthen and enhance flexibility. For proper training, Lee suggests that each training program is based upon your individual needs. Always think about creating new ways to improve the performance of your body.

1. The Waist – Lee recommends twisting, bending forward, backwards, left and right, and waist rotation.

2. The Legs - the best exercises to limber up the body are stretching and high kicks. If you can do high kicks, try to focus on side kicking and front kicking.

3.  The Shoulders – to warm up your shoulders Lee recommends wide arm circles or rotating and pulling back the arms so a mild stretch is achieved.

4. The Arms – for your arms, Lee recommends push-ups or any basic weight training.

5. The Wrist – the most beneficial loosening up for the wrists is simply rotating them in clockwise and counterclockwise circles. 

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